Lil Punkin

Thank you Pinterest for giving me this insanely cute idea – luckily Natalie was still small enough so I HAD to give it a try!!

Just Another Crazy Afternoon

It’s never a dull moment around my house! Had to get outside the other afternoon to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous Autumn weather, and of course had to bring my camera! Love these four!

Getting Ready

Can’t believe my sweet LittleMiss will be the big ONE in less than a week!! Eek, where is time flying off to?! I’m planning on getting some super fun cake smash pictures with her once she kicks the sniffles, but couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of her when we got her ruffle birthday bloomers in the mail! How cute are they?! Stay tuned for some cake smashy goodness!

A Bit of Nature

Took the camera outside the other afternoon and thought I’d capture a couple shots of the little things that often get overlooked when I’m rushing to and from the car! Was lucky enough to spot this moth on the back deck as well!

Product Swap!

Did a fun product swap with a friend of mine recently – she sent me a couple handmade items that she sells and I repaid her by taking/sending professional pictures with the products in them. That way she has professional pictures to advertise with. Fun huh?! Here is LittleMiss in a super cute green cap – don’t you love it?!  Check out her other items at: