Sayonara Spring Special!

Sarah Snodgrass Photography will be relocating to NAF Atsugi, Japan this Summer!! I thought a Spring (see you later USA) Special would be a perfect way to wrap up our time in the Washington D.C. area!

Little C – 19 days new!

This LittleFella surprised his parents by coming early and although he was nearly 3 weeks old by the time I met him, he was still only 6 pounds! Such a sweet little peanut!! He made us work for it just a little bit, but goodness it was completely worth it – how precious is he?! Congratulations you guys, you certainly have a handsome LittleMan:o)

Sweet Baby K – Newborn

Introducing my gorgeous new niece 12 days new – I know I’m completely biased but isn’t she the sweetest thing?! She really made us work for these pictures and once asleep she completely preferred snoozing on her right side so we decided to just let her sleep happily and went with it! Never wake a sleeping newborn unless you absolutely have to! Oh I just love her and can’t wait to get back to Texas so I can snuggle her again!!